Sunday, September 15, 2013

The BIG day (and all the surrounding events)

Dear Parker,

We all survived your 5th birthday!  I think you had a really great day.  We had set up your presents the night before, so when you got up you found your scooter and rode it around the house until we made you stop to eat breakfast.  Then, I took you to school where Grandma Sharp and Aunt Lauren stayed after drop-off to help you make a cake at school.  Then,  Mom was able to come in and have lunch with you and Grandma and Lauren returned to eat your cake!  Whew!  What a busy day.

Grandma brought you home and you played with Grace for awhile and after they left, we opened your presents.  You seemed to be most excited about a Hello Kitty travel mug, Doc McStuffins pjs and a stuffed 'Lambie' from the Doc McStuffins show.  Since then, however, you have really gotten into the Rummy game and the "Junie B. Jones" book.  (We actually finished the book and had to buy a second one!)

Your birthday party with your friends was yesterday.  You and your friends had a such a fun time decorating your doctor coats, making your animals and giving them check-ups.  When it was all over, we came home and crashed!

Today you started piano lessons (part of your birthday gift)  You were a little nervous, but seemed to do a good job.  You are seeming to remember how many beats whole, half and quarter notes get.  That's a good start.  We'll see if I can get you to practice playing "Middle C" all week.  LOL

Anyway, I know this is a bit choppy, but I'm getting back into the swing of things, so give me a bit.

I love you so much.  In one month, we will be in DisneyWorld.  I hope it's all I've made it to be in my mind.

Well, goodnight for now, baby girl!
I love you.

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